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Out of town? Too busy to make an appointment? Need a prescription refilled ASAP?
Visit Dr. Schmidt online through his teledermatology portal.
It's quick, secure, and covered by most insurance plans.

How Online Visits Work

How much does an online visit cost?

The cost to submit an online visit is $85 + a $6.35 service fee. The $85 visit fee may be covered by your insurance. The service fee is not covered by insurance and is non-refundable. 



Can I pay for my online visit with insurance?

Yes, online visits are covered by most medical insurance plans. Typically, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare cover telemedicine. We recommend checking with your carrier. Currently, Medicare only covers this service in Hawaii and Alaska.


If your insurance does pay for your online visit, you will be refunded any portion of the $85 that was covered minus your copay and deductible. For more information, please go to



What information do I need to submit?

Describe your condition, answer a few questions, and upload 1-3 sharply focused photos of your condition and 1 photo of yourself from the chest up (a selfie). If Dr. Schmidt needs additional information, he will send you a message requesting additional photos or information.



May I ask Dr. Schmidt a question before or after my visit is diagnosed?

Yes, you can send a message to Dr. Schmidt before a diagnosis has been made and for up to 7 days after your visit is diagnosed. To send a message, click on the “Message Provider” button at the bottom of the Visit Details page. If you have questions about a different skin condition, please create a new visit or schedule an office appointment.



What if a diagnosis cannot be made online?

If a diagnosis cannot be made online, Dr. Schmidt will request additional information or ask you to schedule an office appointment. You will not be charged for the online visit.

Can I use my account to submit visits for my kids?

No, each patient must have their own account. If you are the legal guardian of a person, you may make an account on their behalf and submit visits for them. You can use the same email for multiple accounts.



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