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Goggle Marks - Tips for Preventing and Reducing These Indentations

To reduce goggle marks, Elizabeth Beisel uses Dermasport's Eye Cream

As a lifelong swimmer, I recognize how frustrating goggle marks can be in professional and social settings. I am frequently asked by my patients who are fellow swimmers what they can do about their goggle marks.

Here’s a look at what causes goggle marks and what you can do before and after swimming to reduce the appearance of these pesky indentations. 

What Causes Goggle Marks

Swim goggle marks are caused by prolonged pressure from tight-fitting goggles against the skin around the eyes. The marks appear as temporary indentations on the skin and can be more pronounced if goggles are worn tightly or for an extended period during long swimming sessions. 

How to Prevent Goggle Marks

To prevent goggle marks, it's important to ensure that goggles fit comfortably without being too tight. Additionally, adjusting the straps to reduce as much pressure as possible and taking the goggles off between swim sets can help the issue.

Treatment for Goggle Marks

Dermasport's Eye Cream is specially formulated with niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to alleviate goggle marks.
Dermasport's Eye Cream is specially formulated with niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to alleviate goggle marks.

After your workout or just a long day, massage the skin around your eyes with an eye cream or gentle moisturizer to help stimulate circulation back to the eye area.

I recommend using Dermasport’s Eye Cream because it’s specially formulated to reduce the appearance of goggle marks. It contains niacinamide (Vitamin B3), to make goggle indentations fade more quickly by slightly dilating the blood vessels and gently plumping the eyelid skin. 

Overall, while goggle marks are often temporary and harmless, minimizing them can enhance comfort, appearance, and skin health for individuals who regularly wear goggles for swimming or other activities.

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